Catching Up: The Twins' Birthday

Why is it that there's a wordpress app and none for blogger? This baffles me a little because, well, blogger is under google. And life would be so much easier if there was one, but hey, c'est la vie!

I've been thinking about blogging on-the-go for some time now, just a little lazy to do it. But here I am, giving in to the idea. Lol. It's so fun to blog on your phone! Not.

As you may have noticed if you visit my blog despite the lack of posts for the past months, I have ruined my nav bar yet again. So I just decided to stick with whatever excuse I have for a nav bar right now. Anyway, I've missed blogging about a lot of events and really, it's disappointing even for myself. So, how about I flood you with pictures instead? 😁

Soleil and Sophia's 5th was celebrated in Johnny Rockets last June! We all had a blast, it was worth it. If you're planning a party, Johnny Rockets is an awesome choice.

That's the setup and these are the actual pictures of the people, LOL. Which is mainly me, my friends, and the twins because I was so busy that day and it was tough to take pictures of the entire thing. The pictures of the tables above are from my grand dad's phone. Hard to admit that I stole them, but that's the sad truth. Anyway, on to the pictures!

It was a pretty fun day. Did I mention that already? I think that's a lot of pictures in one post and I'd probably post more pictures of everything else that I missed on my next post. Just... try not to wait for it. Lol.

WTF: What's That Food?! (#5-NIU by Vikings)

SRSLY, I was going to update this on time (by that, I mean Monday last week) but then we had no internet for 5 straight days and so this had to wait.

I was really excited for our Father's Day dinner because we're going to be trying NIU (SM Aura) for the first time and I really am a huge fan of Vikings, so I had high expectations for NIU. To start things off, here's the entrance and some of the dining areas plus the rates.

The place was pretty spacious, all the food were lined up in one loooooong bar, with the dessert at the end. WARNING: Food pictures are next. Chances of getting hAngry: 80% or more.

Really falling in love with my phone's camera because it takes awesome food pictures! Everything was amazing, from the salad down to the desserts. The staff were very accommodating too, which is one of the things I love in restaurants. Customer service always makes people come back, aside from good food, that is.

Here are some of our pictures! (We also got cakes for the twins, since their birthday falls on the same week, June 24!)

Overall, it's worth a try. Definitely coming back for more!

NIU by Vikings
Seafood, American, Mediterranean, Japanese

Opening hours
Today  11 AM to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Sixth Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
 +632-4783888 | +632-8473888

Breakdown #1

I always thought that I was strong enough to go through whatever life would throw at me, because I've already gone through the worst. I mean, what could possibly happen that would tear all the shields I put up, right?

I have the answer to that question. A heartbreak.

I would call it a second heartbreak, but honestly, it isn't. I didn't know it would be completely different. I didn't know that this is what it actually feels like. The first one was a fake and it's really just a shit ton of emotions and pressure and stress. It wasn't a heartbreak. It was just a problem that won't go away.

A heartbreak is what you go through when you lose the person you thought you were going to be with for the rest of your life. It's different because you won't be able to talk about it, not even to your friends or your pillow. It's different because it hurts to the core, like something is shattering inside you but you can't take it out. It's different because you will cry every chance you get, regardless of where you are or who you're with. You'll just suddenly find yourself crying for a lot of reasons. First, because you miss him. Second, because you miss the two of you. Third, because you lost him and there's no more going back.

You try to find every reason possible to talk to the person. If you can find one. But you can't because you don't know how to even find him.

And then you go back and forth to what the hell just happened and if you're going to fight or not. And of course you will always choose to fight but nothing hurts more than fighting alone. So you decide to stop, but that's not any good either.

Next you drown in a lot of emotions, from "but I love him" to "it's for the best". That's the time you also start questioning your sanity.

But you've been through this before, you tell yourself so often it starts to become convincing but not entirely. You try to be positive. You tell yourself to take it one step at a time. Cry like you did before and cry all you want until there's nothing to cry about anymore. But then again this is your first heartbreak and you're wondering if you're doing it right.

Is there even a right thing to do?

Well, at least one thing's for sure, it hurts. Like hell it does. I know it's no good putting it out here, but I honestly don't know what to do anymore to ease the pain.

12 AM Thoughts Be Like...

I heavily regret drinking that cup of coffee after promising myself I'd be fast asleep before midnight. And here I am blogging... 39 minutes past midnight. Good job, Vampire Queen. You're definitely living up to the name!

I barely had free time in the past months and now that I have so much time to myself, I seriously do not know what to do with it. A bit stupid if you ask me, but also really funny. And then I realized that I have Netflix and we all know that Netflix is a big black hole that will suck you in once you hit the first play button. Or tap on it. Whatever. I'm totally hitting it anyway. 

Call me boring but I really enjoy watching documentaries about WWII, especially when it's about Hitler. It's a fascinating topic for me and it is one that has influenced my understanding of the world greatly. So when I saw Hitler and  the Nazis on Netflix... I was like...

Yep, totally marathon-ed the shit out of that one. 

Okay, so where am I going with this post, anyway? While watching the whole season, I really can't help but think about how much people complicate things. I mean, we all know Hitler was nuts to begin with but he wouldn't have been if the Allied Countries didn't force him to bring out his "wild" side. But that's over and done for. No turning back on that one. Just another case of "I told jew so." Haha. Bad Hitler joke aside...

What fascinated me more was how he used deception and lies to convince the Germans that they needed to start another World War. That they needed to take back what was theirs. It's really amazing what one person can do with propaganda... or black propaganda for that matter. And it reminded me so much of the previous election.

I know for a fact that we won't experience another Hitler (unless we allow it), but you can definitely see how much history repeats itself. This is not for a specific candidate or political party, this is a general observation. And it's also currently happening in the US. I wonder how long we'll continue to deny facts when it is against our beliefs, I wonder how long we'll refuse to learn. I wonder how long we'll close our minds from the truth. I wonder how long until we allow another Hitler to come our way.

Overthinking does this to me, obviously. And I hope I am wrong for thinking this way. I blame the coffee, really.

A (Mid)Year in Review (Sort Of)

Okay, so since I haven't been blogging recently which is sad because this is supposed to be like an online storage of memories or some shiz like that. Here are things that happened this year... so far. A collection of memories... in pictures, LOL. (Please don't expect some post processed sh*t. I'm too lazy for that right now.)

A bunch of awesome moments with these three special people.

My super awesome haircut. HAHAHAHA. And purple hair.

One of the baby boy's gigs! Awesome night!

That super fun and super exhausting trip to Subic! It was really worth it if you saw how happy the kids were! 

Tito's "sort-of" short vacation in the PH after four years! He cried on the way to the airport. So cute and sweet. Hehe.

A well spent Cards Against Humanity and Beer session with Gideon's "Boys" Lel. On Jim's birthday salubong.

Chinese New Year spent as usual, in a buffet. Like every special occasion that our family celebrates...

Four of the MANY pizzas Gideon and I've had this year, it's too many we've grown tired of taking pictures of them. Lol.

One of the selfies Gideon and I always have on dates because we promised we'd have more pictures this year. Hah!

Disney On Ice with these two lovely ladies!

So that's basically how it's been and I expect more awesome memories in the coming months! And by awesome I mean more food and quality time with these people in the pictures. Especially the three loves of my life. Life is good, indeed.


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